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Opiate and Drug Addiction Crisis

While most people think it can never happen to them, drug addiction is a serious problem in our country. In fact, opiate addiction is now a national crisis. Drugs are everywhere. Despite the known dangers, heroin and other street drug use is at all time highs. In addition, prescription drugs (Schedule II drugs) are being abused more than ever. Seemingly, it is easier to get powerful narcotic pain medications than antibiotics. As a result, addiciton to prescription drugs is on the rise. Teenagers also have more access than ever to these drugs and get into real trouble, both legal and medical. So what can we do to help?

Caring, Compassionate Drug Lawyers Standing By to Help

The drug crime attorneys at Robert J. Reeves P.C. are aggressive, experienced trial lawyers. But we also know the “human side” of addiction. As a result, we do everything we can to help you with both your criminal case and medical issues. So how do we do our job? First, we get all of the State’s evidence and review it thoroughly. Because the burden of proof is on the State of North Carolina, we make sure they can prove their case. If not, we file Motions to either suppress certain evidence or, if serious errors, to dismiss your case completely. However, if their case is strong, we negotiate with the prosecutor to try and get an acceptable plea offer.

Either way, you make all choices and decisions on your case. Of course, we will explain and guide you through the process. And we will recommend what we think is the best course. However, you are always in charge. After all, it is your case and your life, and we work for you.

Choosing the Best Drug Lawyer for You

Because the stakes are so high, everyone facing criminal charges wants the best attorney they can find. Consequently, many people search “best criminal lawyer” on the internet. However, there is no one “best lawyer” out there. Rather, you must decide who is the best attorney for you. So how do you choose one lawyer over another? Here’s what we respectfully suggest.

Before deciding who to choose, we invite you to review our lawyers’ experience and credentials against other firms. If your impressed, next call to interview us over the phone. Because we make ourselves personally available, our lawyers give you their mobile phone number and direct email address. Furthermore, we take calls and respond to emails in the evenings and on the weekends. If you would rather sit down with us , call and schedule a time to meet in the office.

If you hire us, we promise our best efforts and will honor the trust you place in us. So call now and let’s start your defense.


Our Lawyer Credentials

  • Member, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), National Trial Lawyers Top 100, National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40.
  • Mr. Reeves has over 28 years trial experience and is a former Registered Nurse (RN). As a result, he understands both the legal and medical issues facing those with addiction issues. He is an aggressive but compassionate advocate for our clients.
  • Mr. Lee handles drug cases in multiple NC counties here in the Charlotte area. He is an experienced lawyer who thoroughly investigates and then fights hard for our clients.
  • Attorneys licensed to handle cases in both North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • Offices conveniently located in Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill.

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While many want to see marijuana legalized, it is still against the law to possess, grow, or sell in North Carolina. However, if caught with a small amount, a first time offender can usually complete a drug diversion course and have the charges dismissed. Although most marijuana arrests for possession are misdemeanors, larger amounts can become a felony. And any charge relating to growing or selling marijuana is a felony with mandatory prison time.

Even for a simple possession charge, call us to learn your options. We are here to get you through the process.


Prescription Drugs

Because of the easy availability of prescription, or Schedule II, drugs, many people are getting addicted to pain medications. As a result, they often “doctor shop” or take friends and even family narcotic prescription pills. When they get caught, they are facing serious criminal penalties when what they really need is help. Despite the know opiate addiction crisis, many persons charged with this offense end up in prison. When arrested, call us immediately

Because these charges are so serious, you need our experience and compassion. Don’t worry. We are here for you. 

Heroin, ecstasy, Meth

Even though we know the dangers of these powerful “street” or “rave” drugs, people still use them. Sadly, unlike prescription medications, you really don’t know what you are getting until it is too late. As a result, we are seeing many more fatal overdoses with these drugs. Due to ever increasing use, police are getting much more aggressive in making arrests. While we deal with the criminal charge, you focus on getting treatment for your addiction issues.

Although these drugs may seem safe, they are not. People get addicted and die everyday here in North Carolina.


Robert Reeves is a seasoned trial lawyer with over 28 years trial experience in both criminal and civil courts. Working as a team, our law firm prepares every case for trial and stands ready to go the distance. We believe the best defense is a good offense. However, in most cases, we are able to negotiate an acceptable plea offer. Of course, you decide how you want to proceed. Trial or plea. The choice is always yours. Call him directly at 704.351.7979 or email

aaron r. Lee

Aaron Lee is a seasoned attorney who has handled drug cases in Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union, Iredell, and Cabarrus counties. He is a strong advocate and a good negotiator for our clients. However, if a case needs to go to trial, he stands ready to fight for you in court. Call him directly at 704.960.9097 or email aaron