Our Attorneys and approach

The attorneys at Robert J. Reeves P.C. are trial lawyers who fight for our clients and are not afraid to “get in the ring” if that is what it takes. In criminal cases, our attorneys always start with the State’s evidence. After all, South Carolina must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to convict. Just because you are arrested and charged does not mean you are guilty. We have to prove nothing. They have to prove everything. Once we have reviewed all of the evidence, we then sit down with you to go over your options. First, we answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Then, we make our recommendations and explain our reasons. Try not to worry. We will get you through this ordeal. But you are always in charge of your case and make all important decisions. While we will guide you and explain your options, you decide what is best for you and your family.

Personally Available

Because we appreciate the anxiety of being arrested, we make ourselves personally available to our clients. How do we do that? Every client has our personal cell phone numbers and direct email address. That way, you can reach out to us when you need us even after hours in the evening or on the weekend. Then you can sleep better with just a few answers to your questions.

Presumed innocent

While we hear this phrase often, never forget what it really means. In our country, everyone accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent. And that presumption is always there unless and until the State of South Carolina has proven you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to a judge or jury. As a result, our attorneys hold the State to their standard and makes sure they have the evidence to convict. If there is legal error, we make Motions to suppress evidence or even dismiss your charges in some cases. If we cannot defeat the case, we then negotiate with the prosecutor to see what plea offer they are willing to make. Of course, you tell us if you want to accept a plea or go to trial. Our attorneys strongest asset is our trial experience and willingness to fight for you in court if necessary. Although many attorneys claim to be trial lawyers, you have to actually go to court to be one. Ask potential lawyers when was the last time they actually tried a case.

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